The old logo is inspired by a cartoon series \ as well for the main theme of whole SLP.
the story behind the cartoon is about a fantasia character that travels a lot for trade and lives many adventures during those business trips \ Sinbad always head back to his hometown with passion, he heads back to Baghdad.
a quick search showed that Sinbad as a character could be Indian or Persian \ same story is popular in those countries pop-culture.
the current logo has many issues that need to be fixed, in order to create a real brand that could stands strong and goes confident towards brand equity.

My job is the Art Director of the development project : I Create Sinbad Land Brand Book to support all communication channels, based on a guideline, Create Launch Campaign, and supervised the execute

Video By
Production : Photo station
Director : Al Hussein Choony
Cameraman : Samer F. Hassan, Ali Hussien Jaddua, Abather Fadel
Editing : Samer F. Hassan, Ali Hussien Jaddua
Quick application to  Social Media Video Ket

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